A Heartfelt Thank You

Dr. Mike Barsotti

Where does the time go? Between the Covid pandemic, the unprecedented triple respiratory season, and the crisis of medical financing, I am lifting my head to realize that this is my last communication with you as President. But what a great two years this has been! Amidst the inevitable crisis navigation, we have accomplishments so much and have much to be proud of. I continued to be amazed and impressed by your dedication to the children of Washington and your willingness to go the extra mile, simply to do the right thing!

A huge thank you to our incredible staff; without their tireless work we could not continue to grow and achieve our goals. Sarah Rafton, Kailani Amine, Elexis Jackson, DeAnna Dudley, Erica Curry, and Amber Ulvenes, it is your dedication, tenacity, and creativity that is our life blood: you are THE WCAAP. This year has also seen some turnover in our staff. A sad goodbye to Jennifer Donahue, Tatiana Sarkhosh, and Ariana Salaiz. Thank you for your contributions; both WCAAP and the children of Washington will benefit from your work for years to come. Thank you to our Committee Chairs-Mary Ann Woodruff, Emily Ferrell, Peter Asante, Kathleen Kieran, Rick Levine, Crystal Shen, Lelach Rave, Cora Breuner, Amanda Monnahan, John Dunn, and Kristi Rice-simply put, you are amazing. Welcome to Sarah Nau (Director of Communications) and our new Program Managers, Marina Martinez, Colleen McCarty, Leslie Graham, and Sophia O’Hara; you have big shoes to fill, but I know you are up to the task! You all are the soul of WCAAP.

Finally, I want to acknowledge those who are rolling off our board. Peter Asante and Joe Hudak, I cannot find the words to truly thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with WCAAP; your contributions have helped shape who we are and what we have and will accomplish. A special thank you and goodbye to Elizabeth Meade; her tenure with our board is long and storied, the least of which was her incredible leadership as our President from 2019-2021. Peter, Joe, and Elizabeth, I wish you all the best and please do not forget about us, as surely, we will never forget you!

As I reflect upon the last two years, I remained humbled by the trust you placed in me. I am proud of what we accomplished together and am excited to see what tomorrow brings. Your never-ending optimism and unselfish commitment is the “secret sauce” of WCAAP. Your support of the chapter and our work is an incredible gift that we/I never take for granted. Your support and contributions, both small and large, collectively make a substantial difference to our community.

Thank you for the support you have shown me over the last two years. I am proud to transition the presidency to Beth Ebel’s competent and creative hands. Our future is truly bright!