Advocacy Update: Building Relationships

Jennifer Donahue
WCAAP Communications Manager

As we near the start of the 2022 session, we continue to hold interim meetings with legislators and to refine our 2022 legislative priorities. We have met with 20 legislators in 13 districts across the state and we have meetings in the works for several more districts. We have been encouraged by the strong support voiced by legislators for our goals to improve behavioral health care and help families address social determinants of health, and we also see encouraging signs that there may be legislation in 2022 to help curb youth vaping – a priority we have worked on for several years.

We still don’t know for sure if the legislative session will occur in person or virtually – or a hybrid of the two – so we can’t say for sure whether Advocacy Day will have an in-person component. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hope you will reserve February 4th on your calendar. Either way, we promise great speakers and the opportunity to make a real difference in state policy.

We need your participation! Last session’s wins were evidence that when we take the time to build relationships, work together, and bring patients’ stories to legislators, they listen. Please join us!