After-Pregnancy Apple Health Coverage

After-pregnancy Apple Health coverage is here! Washington State now provides Apple Health coverage for 12 months after pregnancy – an increase from 60 days thanks to advocacy by WCAAP and a coalition of community partners. Parent and family well-being is essential to child health and development, so we are thrilled by this extension and eager to get the word out to families!

The 11’’ x 17’’ poster for After-Pregnancy Apple Health Coverage (APC) is now available for you to download in English and in 15 other languages, to share with families in your clinic and community.

Download the poster online:

Poster of smiling woman with brown hair and brown sweater in front of a window with blue box and white text asking "Is After-Pregnancy Coverage for you?"

The poster has a QR-code for patients to scan on their phones that takes them to the APC webpage for more information about the eligibility criteria and how to apply for Apple Health (Medicaid). Please share this resource!