August Conference: Fatherhood Voices Inform Health Transformation Opportunities

Amanda Krotke-Crandall
Innovation Coordinator
WA Frontiers of Innovation

As a pediatric professional, you know that a child’s wellbeing depends on many factors.  Your intake form probably asks many questions beyond medical concerns to gain a broad picture of a child’s life.  One question it is important to review is the role a child’s father has in the life of that child.  That piece of information can play an important part in your ability to support the child’s physical and mental health.  Findings from an array of studies have overwhelmingly shown that children with actively involved fathers fare better across a wide range of domains.

Following the first Washington State Fatherhood Summit in June 2018, attended by 140 passionate voices from an array of perspectives and including more than 50 fathers with lived experiences navigating systems, a Washington Interagency Fatherhood Council was established in November.  The council is exploring what we do well and need to improve in supporting fathers as they enter parenthood — from the hospital birth experience to co-parenting, connecting to resources and beyond.

To help highlight and further understand this important relationship, we are pleased to invite WCAAP members, all fathers, and interested members of the public to a Fatherhood Summit on August 9, 2019, hosted by the Washington Interagency Fatherhood Council.  The Fatherhood Summit will focus on the theme of “Fatherhood Voices Inform Health Transformation Opportunities.” The keynote address, “A Focus on Fathers in Primary Care Pediatrics,” will be presented by Northwestern University professor Craig Garfield, MD.  Dr. Garfield has conducted research and promoted practice change around fatherhood engagement.

In addition, speakers will share findings from a landmark study on fathers in Washington State and present new research data from a survey of fathers across Washington.  Highlights include the needs of fathers at the time of the birth of their child.  The presentations will help pediatric professionals be effective in helping new parents make a meaningful transition into that role.  Please join us at the conference in the SeaTac area on August 9.  Further information and registration can be found at