Board Nominations

We are currently seeking pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists who are interested in serving on the WCAAP Board of Trustees. We prioritize racial and ethnic diversity, geographic diversity and diversity in practice-type. The current board of trustees consists of 5 officers, 13 trustees from around the state, and representatives from the state’s children’s hospitals.

The board meets eight times per year in total; typically three of these meetings occur in person. Trustee terms last 2 years, with the possibility of renewing twice, for a total of 6 years.


At our April Board meeting WCAAP’s nominating committee will make recommendations to the Board for the slate for 2021-2023 board terms. When passed by the Board, the positions will then be posted to the members in May for electronic election. Elected Trustees will start their terms on July 1, 2021.

To apply

If you are ready to step up into a leadership position and are interested in serving the Chapter as a Trustee, please submit a CV along with a short personal statement (250 words) about 1) why you want to join the board and 2) how you see yourself contributing to the board and WCAAP. Our deadline for applications is Sunday February 7. Email your own submissions to, or feel free to get in touch to nominate someone else.


As a reminder, you do not have to be a Trustee to serve on a committee! We encourage you to consider joining one of our committees, including Membership Engagement, Early Childhood, Vaccines, Health Care Transformation and Legislative Affairs, depending on your area of interest. You can learn more about our committees here: