Child Profile Health Promotion Materials Benefit You and Your Practice

Lonnie Peterson
Child Profile Health Promotion Supervisor
Office of Immunization and Child Profile
Washington State Department of Health

The Child Profile Health Promotion System is our state’s immunization and well-child visit reminder system. The Washington State Department of Health uses the system to send health and safety information to all families with kids aged birth to six years. The mailings are timed to correspond with the AAP’s recommended schedule of well-child visits. The information in the mailings helps parents prepare for the upcoming well-child visit and gives them health and safety information relevant to their child’s age.

The mailings also benefit you and your practice. The materials can assist you during visits with young children by:

  • Communicating and reinforcing health messages during visits.
  • Initiating important conversations with parents.
  • Increasing parents’ awareness of well child visits and the immunization schedule.
  • Providing a guide of questions to cover during visits.
  • Covering topics you could not get to.

What can you do?

  • Encourage parents to read the materials.
  • Recommend the materials as a trusted and credible source of health and safety information for families.
  • Order the materials for free and post them in your office. To order, e-mail
  • Use the materials as teaching tools during visits.
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The information in the materials is also available online at To learn more about the Child Profile Health Promotion System, go to or contact Lonnie Peterson, Child Profile Health Promotion Supervisor, at 360-236-3534.