Community Health Workers in Pediatric Primary Care Settings

WCAAP hosted a 3-day training for Pediatric Community Health Workers Feb 18-March 2. The curriculum addressed foundational skills, like job functions, boundaries, self-care, social determinants of health, organization skills, cultural competence, as well as skills specific to the roles CHWs will serve in, either 0-5 family support or K-12 mental health.  Twenty-six community health workers participated from communities around the state. In March, Zoom sessions will be held that will focus on integrating CHWs into the pediatric primary care practices.

Our sincere thanks to our incredible team of faculty, trainers, parent advisors, and WCAAP staff for their commitment to ensuring CHWs in pediatric primary care are positioned for success:

Kailani Amine, MHA
Kashi Arora
Micah Bernstein
Tumaini Coker, MD, MBA
Shayla Collins
Michelle DiMiscio
Rosa Flores
Leslie Graham, LICSW
Shawnda Hicks
Elexis Jackson
Alejandra Plata
Sarah Rafton, MSW
Doug Russell, MD
Tatiana Sarkhosh, MPH
Cindy Trevino, PhD
Mirian Vargas
David Willis, MD
Larry Wissow, MD, MPH

Participants shared the following feedback:

  • A huge thank you for putting this camp together. It’s made me feel so confident as a CHW.
  • Love the group discussions on life scenarios.
  • Great session, I wish it was longer.
  • LOVE THIS GROUP. I think we are going to make a huge and wonderful impact within our communities!
  • This meeting has been so inspiring and motivating. Makes me so proud to be a community health worker! Thank you.
  • I love the open collaboration on different experiences. Allows us to think about what is behind the scenes of everyone of us individually.
  • Longer discussion times possibly.
  • More time but appropriate for time allotted.
  • I was actually happy to see that this training was taught by actual CHWs.
  • I appreciate everyone’s energy.
  • The support I feel being here and I really feel like we a part of a movement. And that is a really cool feeling, and I am going to take that feeling back to my clinic tomorrow. I feel like we all have each other’s backs in this and I feel the passion from everyone.
  • I’ve met so much really great people here, I hope there are more experiences like this!
  • One of the things that helps me when I am learning is to DO! And having more activities like role-playing was helpful and so I recommend having more!
  • I didn’t recognize how my voice could do things and the power it has. I’ve literally never stepped into a place, me say something, and the room shakes. And I experienced that during this training, how important it is to have your voice heard because I’m so used to having to battle it out with everyone and not be heard.