COVID-19 Vaccine Update from the WA State DOH: Health Officials Need to Hear from You!

Danielle Koenig
Health Promotion Supervisor

Center for Public Affairs
Washington State Department of Health

The Department of Health turned in its interim COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan to the CDC on October 16. The plan describes how the department will approach the work of planning for and distributing an FDA-approved, ACIP recommended COVID-19 vaccine once available. Health officials would like to hear from you! View the plan here and submit your thoughts. This plan will evolve over time as we get feedback from key partners, the community, and further guidance from the federal government.

To receive and administer the coronavirus vaccine and supplies, providers must enroll in a federal vaccine distribution program, coordinated through our state’s immunization program (unless they are part of a national chain that registered directly with the CDC). The federal government will procure and distribute the vaccine at no cost to enrolled providers. Enrollment will open in November 2020. Visit the COVID-19 vaccine page for more information, including how to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider. The COVID-19 vaccine will not be recommended for pregnant women or children until further research can be conducted in these populations.