COVID Vaccine for Health Care Providers

Kristin Peterson, JD
Assistant Secretary

Health Systems Quality Assurance Division
Washington State Department of Health

For information on who is eligible for the vaccine in Phase 1A, you can find information at this link:

To learn how to get access to the vaccine, DOH is piloting a system for Phase 1A individuals that does the following:

  1. Assesses eligibility confirmation – and provides confirmation that can be used at a vaccine administration site in lieu of an official letter (note: providers are likely to ask for ID and/or badge)
  2. Identifies where they can go to get vaccinated

To access the system, individuals who believe they are eligible for Phase 1A should visit this site: If they are confirmed to be eligible, the confirmation page will have a link to a website that includes a list of providers that are vaccinating people outside their system/facility with contact information to schedule an appointment. Please know we are continuing to work with providers to add them to this list, so hopefully it will grow over time.

If you or your colleagues have any feedback on the system, please share it at We are hoping to learn from this pilot to adapt the system for broader roll-out (it is currently in the “soft launch” phase).

Lastly, if your clinic’s providers are seeking to get vaccinated, please work with the hospital identified as available to schedule the providers as a group, this will ease the logistical burden on hospital personnel who are also working to get their employees vaccinated.