Free Online Training: Pediatric Lead Screening and Results Reporting in Washington

Catherine Karr, MD, PhD and Nancy Beaudet, MS, CIH
NW Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (PEHSU) at the University of Washington

Learn what you need to know in a 20-minute, on-demand training
Most lead toxicity in the United States is subclinical. Only through blood lead testing can concerning exposures be identified. Health consequences of low level lead exposure include attention related problems, decreased cognitive ability and academic achievement, anti-social behavior, delayed puberty, and reproductive effects.

Many Washington State providers are not familiar with current guidelines for assessment and screening of lead exposure in their patients. It has been estimated that only 2% of children with elevated blood lead levels are identified in Washington State (Roberts et. al., Pediatrics V139, N5; May 2017).

An on-demand training for clinicians is available. This training module developed by the NW PEHSU is CDC CME-approved and available at no cost. Lead resources for clinicians are also available on the NW PEHSU website and WA State DoH website.

Promoting Pediatric Lead Screening in WA
Catherine Karr, MD, PhD
Link to the 20-minute on-demand training:

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Editor’s note: The Health Care Authority has alerted WCAAP that screening is a Medicaid requirement and will be subject to future compliance efforts.