Grants to Hire Community Health Workers

In the 2022 legislative session, WCAAP successfully advocated for state funding for a dedicated community health worker workforce in primary care clinics serving children and youth birth through age 18 years old.

The HCA will award 2-year grants (January 2023-January 2025) to pediatric primary care clinics hire pediatric community health workers to serve children, youth and their families through outreach, informal counseling, and social supports for health-related social needs.

Clinics will be able to apply for two distinct CHW roles:

  • Early relational health (birth – 5 years) community health worker (ERH CHW)
  • K12 mental health (5 – 18 years) community health worker (K12 CHW)

HCA anticipates an additional $6 million to be appropriated during the next legislative session to support the grant in the next biennium.

The application will be posted online August 22nd, and all eligible pediatric primary care centers are encouraged to apply between August 22 and October 3 for grant funds.

Please see the HCA website for more information.