Help Me Grow Update

Diane Liebe, MD, FAAP
Co-chair, WCAAP Early Learning Committee

Washington State has been selected to host the Help Me Grow National Forum April 4-6 in Seattle. It is considered quite an honor to be chosen as host, and reflects in large part the leadership of the Washington Help Me Grow (HMG) affiliate, WithinReach. HMG is a national strategy for connecting children and families at risk with the services they need. It does not seek to provide direct services, but rather builds on collaboration across sectors, including child health care, early learning, and family support. Currently organizations such as WithinReach, Essentials for Childhood, Best Starts for Kids, and WCAAP have been working with communities across Washington to promote and implement HMG.

Breakfast with Dr. Dworkin
Prior to the National Meeting, WCAAP members will have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Paul Dworkin for an interactive breakfast session, scheduled for Weds, April 4th at 7 – 8:30. Dr. Dworkin is the dynamic force behind moving Help Me Grow at a national level. He is the Founding Director of Help Me Grow National and Executive Vice President in Community Child Health at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Dworkin’s interests are at the interface among child development, child health services, and child health policy. He has authored more than 175 publications in the fields of developmental-behavioral pediatrics and general pediatrics. Seating is limited for this event, co-sponsored by Within Reach and WCAAP, and is free for WCAAP members and WithinReach invited guests. Learn more or register online.