Improving Covid-19 Vaccine Communications Workflows in Pediatric Primary Care Settings

Project Summary

The Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) have partnered together to improve COVID-19 vaccination in pediatric primary care settings. Over a 3-month period, clinics will complete a needs assessment, receive targeted coaching, and participate in a cohort of practices committed to improving their COVID-19 vaccine communication strategies and workflows. 


  • Clinic stipend of $1,500-2,500
  • Participating staff and providers will receive process improvement coaching and trainings.


  • Improve immunization workflows to reduce missed opportunities.
  • Consistently assess COVID-19 vaccine status and offer vaccine.
  • Ensure consistent communication and messaging across all clinic team members.
  • Emphasize pediatric primary care as a resource for reliable and accurate information for families.

Forming Your Practice Team

To participate, we recommend that you assign at least two primary contacts to lead this short QI project.

  • Clinical Leader: This person should be a clinician, have a comprehensive understanding of how the clinic operates, and have a strong interest in quality improvement. For this project, they will provide insights into areas of opportunity and how a new workflow would be received. The clinical leader does not have to be a physician but should have a direct patient care role. Examples: Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse.
  • Project Leader: This person will serve as the project manager for this project at your clinic. They will ensure materials are shared with clinic staff. This leader should be comfortable with peer-to-peer instruction and have time to dedicate to the project.

Project Timeline April-July 2022

April 2022: Baseline information collectedClinics complete assessment packet and share with coaching team.Professional Service Agreements signed.
April 2022: Clinic improvement project startsCohort kick-off meeting, Individual practice meetingsCohort kick-off Meeting 60-min—Both project leads attend. Individual practice meetings—Clinics meet with coaching team for 60-minutes to discuss specific and attainable improvements they can make to their workflow and communication strategies. Dropbox will be available with clinic resources.
May 2022Targeted resources provided, Cohort MeetingClinics receive targeted resources and webinars to promote communication strategies and workflows. Opportunity to share and learn from other participating clinics—60-minute meeting
June 2022Cohort Project wrap-up meetingBoth project leads attend. Clinics discuss their improvement process, new workflows implemented, and sustainability strategies.
RecurringBiweekly Friday email check-insReply by the following Tuesday
July 2022Clinic stipends sent 

To learn more or to sign up for this support, contact DeAnna Dudley at