Input Requested: School-Based Health Center Program

Mary Simock
School-Based Health Center Program Coordinator
Office of Family and Community Health Improvement
Prevention and Community Health
Washington State Department of Health

The Washington State Department of Health  is working with the Washington School Based Health Alliance to implement SHB 1225, which provides grant funding for planning, starting, and operating/expanding SBHCs. We are reaching out to partners and subject matter experts to learn more about your ideas for the DOH SBHC program, grant criteria, and application process. We hope to use your input to create a grant and grant process that will meet the needs of young people, their families, their community, and the organizations and SBHCs that serve them. 

The ask: If you’re interested, we would love to get your input by February 28. For your convenience, you can share your thoughts in one of two ways:

  • Option 1 – Feedback questionnaire: You can complete this online 10-question feedback questionnaire, anytime at your convenience.
  • Option 2 – Interview with DOH: We’re also happy to set up time to talk with you. We’ll go through the same questions as the questionnaire above, but it will be more of a conversation. Please reach out to to schedule a time.

If you are interested in being more deeply involved in this work, including helping us to develop grant criteria or participate in grant selection, this is an option but can impact eligibility to apply for SBHC grants in the future. Please reach out to me for more information.

We appreciate your partnership and support, and we look forward to hearing your perspective. If you have any questions or additional comments, please let us know: