Katherine TeKolste, MD, FAAP

You may know Dr. TeKolste as Co-Director of the Medical Home Partnerships Project, or from one of her many other roles, both professionally and in the community. Katherine (Kathy) TeKolste, MD, FAAP grew up in Indiana before heading to Oberlin College and then Indiana University School of Medicine. She now calls Seattle home, where she serves as faculty in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and the Division of Developmental Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s Hospital; and works at the Center on Human Development and Disability, University of Washington. Dr. TeKolste holds a faculty position for LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities), which is a graduate level interdisciplinary training program that prepares graduate students, post-graduate fellows, and mid-career health professionals to assume leadership roles in their respective fields and insures a high level of interdisciplinary clinical competence in providing health and related services for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families. Trainees represent a variety of disciplines from audiology and developmental pediatrics to family members and social workers.

Dr. TeKolste is active in the community, beyond her involvement with the WCAAP. She currently serves on the ARC of Washington Trust Fund Board of Directors; Washington Autism Advisory Council,; Great MINDS Grant (DOH), Steering Committee; Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant (DOH) Steering Committee; and Duncan Seminar Planning Committee at Seattle Children’s Hospital. In prior years, she’s been involved with the State Interagency Coordinating Council for the IDEA Part C program (now ESIT); Child Health and Development Workgroup – Department of Early Learning Plan; local school district committees; DOH Oral Health Workgroup on Medical and Dental Homes; Children’s Preventive Healthcare Initiative; Children’s Mental Health Workgroup; and the Interdisciplinary Children’s Oral Health Promotion Project.

Naturally, Dr. TeKolste’s professional interests include early childhood, developmental issues and screening, autism, early intervention, community services, children with special health care needs, and adolescent health care transition. She’s also interested in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), prevention topics, parent and family support and medical homes.

On a personal note, Dr. TeKolste is an avid cyclist who enjoys commuting by bike and taking long-distance bike trips. You can also find her hiking, backpacking, and raising vegetables in her garden. She is married to David Tempest, MD, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. They have three adult children, all scientists in different disciplines: Peter, Kevin, and Lynne. The proud parents were able to visit daughter Lynne during her year in Lesotho, where she worked on HIV/AIDS prevention efforts.

As a WCAAP member, Dr. TeKolste values the opportunities for networking and collaborating with other members that the Chapter provides, as well as the organizational and collegial support for projects and services for children. She notes that the Chapter’s ongoing advocacy for children’s issues is highly valued – “Thank you Laurie Lippold especially!” – and appreciates the work of the Chapter’s executive committee and improved communication efforts from the Chapter.