March 2023 Vaccine Corner

Maria Huang, MD, FAAP

Happy March! In like a lion, out like a lamb lion…let’s continue our “roaring” efforts to improve immunization rates for Washington kids! Needle anxiety is a major barrier to vaccine uptake.  Read on for the March tip and consider implementing in your practice.  

March tip:

Help kids feel less anxious about receiving immunizations. Hack the Vax is an initiative of the non-profit Meg Foundation, a team of experts in pain, psychology, health behavior change, and technology. The Hack the Vax partner kit (see attached) has digital resources to empower people around their pain experience. Share the Hack the Vax handout (see attached) in your exam rooms and waiting room so families can prepare ahead of time with a personalized plan using strategies to reduce stress.  Also visit the for more information and resources in English and Spanish.