Kevin Marsh, MD, FAAP

Dr. Kevin Marsh is originally from Camarillo, a small town in southern California, and recieved his undergraduate degree from UC-San Diego. He attended medical school at New York Medical College and joined the Army to finance his training. Dr. Marsh completed his Residency at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, though he notes that it was before restricted residency work hours so he didn’t enjoy the islands as much as you might think. Following his time in Hawaii, Dr. Marsh was stationed in El Paso, Texas at William Beaumont Army Medical Center where he deployed to Baghdad for a year and also served as the Chief of Pediatrics. Dr. Marsh left the Army in 2008 and moved to Richland, Washington as part of the Pediatric Hospitalist group at Kadlec Regional Medical Center, where he took over as Medical Director of the group in 2011. Dr. Marsh also serves as Chairman of the Kadlec Medical Associates Board, which is the company employing all of the hospitalists (pediatric and adult) and intensivists at the hospital.

“Working at a regional center that services smaller hospitals within a 100-mile radius is most directions, my passion has been to maximize the services we provide and promote integration of the very diffuse and diverse medical system in this part of the state,” Dr. Marsh said. “While there are many hospitals in the region that offer inpatient pediatric services, there are very few who have a dedicated hospitalist service. My goal is to provide whatever help I am able in order to support the busy Pediatricians and Family Practitioners in the outpatient clinics. We offer services like maintenance cancer chemotherapy, procedural sedation, PICC lines, cardiac echos, and EEGs as examples of that support. At the same time I strive to keep children in town and minimize transports for the good of patients and their families. I am grateful to the tertiary care hospitals (mainly Seattle Children’s and Sacred Heart in Spokane) for their willingness to provide telemedicine services in order to reduce transports.”

“In my free time, I participate as a member of the Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network Board, a faith-based group dedicated to assisting pregnant women struggling with difficult social situations and often unwanted pregnancies. With the support these women receive, their babies are born into a much better environment than what would otherwise have been the case. I also enjoy volleyball, reading military history, spending time with my family (wife and 4 kids) and working on our property as can be seen in the picture.”