Megan McGeehan, MD

Megan McGeehan, MD is currently in her third year of residency at Seattle Children’s. She grew up outside of Philadelphia, in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, surrounded by a huge family that includes 28 cousins. “We have an annual Christmas party and have recently been rocking the dance floor at lots of weddings,” she says. Prior to coming to Seattle for residency, Dr. McGeehan attended medical school at Cornell in New York.

A natural advocate, Dr. McGeehan started an advocacy curriculum at Seattle Children’s for residents. “I chose pediatrics in part because advocacy is an essential part of any pediatrician’s career, and the potential for impacting lifelong change starts here,” she says. We agree! The opportunity to advocate for kids is one of the things McGeehan values about the WCAAP, especially the in-person events and training opportunities for legislative advocacy.

Beyond advocacy, Dr. McGeehan interested in global health and medical education, and is involved with global health curriculum development for the African Federation of Emergency Medicine. She also worked with the International Rescue Committee earlier in her training.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Dr. McGeehan hiking, backpacking, running and skiing – making the most of her time in the Pacific Northwest!