Our mission is to champion the health and well-being of children, adolescents, and families through advocacy, education, and partnership – but within that mission lives a critical goal to provide timely, relevant support for our members. Our members’ diversity brings a wealth of expertise to our table, whether to provide education or to speak up on legislative policies in Olympia. When we work together, we are a powerful driver of change in the right direction.

Why Join?

Your membership in WCAAP instantly connects you to a network of passionate, dedicated pediatric health care providers in communities throughout the state of Washington. As a WCAAP member, you’ll gain:

  • Access to state pediatric experts, policy makers and community leaders.
  • A platform to connect with legislators and advocate for child health.
  • Collaboration and leadership opportunities, no matter where you are in your career, or where you live in the state.
  • Opportunities to participate in state and local clinical improvement projects.
  • A community of pediatric providers who understand the challenges and rewards of caring for children, adolescents, and families – and are committed to working toward a healthier, more equitable future.

How to Join

Member Categories & Dues

  • Fellow: $225/year. Applicants must have received initial board certification in pediatrics from an approved Board.
  • Specialty Fellow: $225/year. Applicants must be certified by Boards other than the Boards that qualify them for Fellow and meet the requirements as determined by the specialty section through which they apply.
  • Senior Fellow: Dues waived. Retired or emeritus members are eligible for Senior Fellow status, with dues waived.
  • Candidate Member: $225/year. Completed training in a pediatric or surgical residency that is approved for credit toward certification by an eligible Board.
  • Post-Residency Training Member: Dues waived. Fellowship trainees in a pediatric subspecialty or surgical fellowship training program.
  • Resident Member: Dues waived. Currently enrolled in an approved pediatric residency program.
  • Chapter Affiliate: $225/year. Pediatricians or health care providers such as family physicians, dentists or naturopathic physicians who wish to be Chapter members and are not members of AAP nationally.
  • Chapter Affiliate Allied Health: $75/year. Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses or other health care providers who work in pediatrics but are not physicians or dentists.
  • Chapter Affiliate Parent/Family: $50/year.
  • Chapter Affiliate Student: Dues waived. Available to students who are enrolled in an accredited medical school.