Message From the President

As we struggle to grasp the scope of the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas, we are again reminded of the horrific shootings involving high school students in Spokane, Mukilteo, and Marysville.  We also know there are far too many other gun deaths involving children.  The WCAAP strongly believes that sensible gun safety measures and improved mental health access are necessary first steps in preventing further tragedy. In this month’s edition of Developments, you will read how to incorporate safe gun storage counseling into your clinical practice. The WCAAP will continue our strong legislative advocacy to increase children and adolescents’ timely access to mental health care and strengthen Washington’s gun safety laws. This advocacy is based both on public health research and the ongoing input of chapter members.  Thank you for your membership and your advocacy.  Please consider meeting with your state legislators this fall and joining us at advocacy day February 2, 2018.