Mollie Grow, MD, MPH, FAAP

Mollie Grow was named Helene, for her great grandmother, but has been called Mollie since birth, adopting her husband’s last name (Grow) when she married because, as she tells it, “I loved the idea of being a pediatrician named Dr. Grow!” A native Washingtonian, Dr. Grow was born in Vancouver, Washington but went east for college and to attend medical school at Penn. “I came to love Philly and pediatrics – both a surprise. I happily returned for residency at UW/Seattle Children’s, where I also did fellowship in general pediatrics,” she says.

Dr. Grow has been on the faculty at University of Washington since 2008, attends at Harborview outpatient and inpatient services and the UW newborn nursery, and teaches/mentors residents at Seattle Children’s. Beyond that, Dr. Grow is involved with community benefit work and the residency advocacy pathway at Seattle Children’s. “It is really exciting to work with the next generation of pediatric advocates,” she says. “They are so inspiring.”

With special interests in promoting child wellness and prevention and treatment of pediatric obesity, Dr. Grow works to serve disadvantaged children through advocacy and community-based, collaborative partnerships. She values being a part of the WCAAP’s community of advocates, and notes, “I think WCAAP is one of the best outlets we have to speak up for kids. I love that WCAAP helps make it possible for us to be the pediatricians, parents, and citizens we want to be.”

When she’s not at work, Dr. Grow cherishes time with her family, including daughters Ellie (5) and Emma (2). As a busy pediatrician and parent, when she has some free time you may find her cooking, jogging, practicing yoga, or enjoying any active play outdoors. “I aspire to getting back to some true hobbies one of these days,” she says!