New IIS School Module

Julie Tomaro, RN
Clinical and Quality Assurance Manager
Office of Immunization and Child Profile

 A new tool to make immunization tracking easier for schools!
The School Module, a part of the Washington Immunization Information System (IIS), allows users to track and manage student and school-level immunization information. It lets schools access existing immunization records entered by healthcare providers, enter missing immunizations, and manage student immunization compliance. It gives schools the tools and information they need to conduct important immunization work, helping to ensure students are fully immunized so they can stay healthy in school. The module will also lessen the burden on providers to produce immunization records for families annually.

The School Module has been rolled out in eight school districts so far. We are working on getting smaller school districts and private schools on board this year.

The School Module allows users to link students with their schools. Immunizations entered in the School Module will show a red S next to the date in the IIS as an indicator to providers that the data was input by a school. When providers see a red S next to a vaccination date, they should verify the administered immunization in the system

Providers, we need your help! Please enter missing historical immunizations in the IIS along with immunity and disease information. The more complete the IIS is, the more easily schools and parents can figure out if students need more immunizations. Schools will be reaching out to get immunization records so they can enter missing medically verified immunizations in the IIS. Please provide these records after obtaining a parental release, or enter these missing immunizations in the IIS for your patients.

The School Module is part of our commitment to lower the burden on schools and healthcare providers.  For more information on the School Module please visit our website at or watch our webinar at

 If you have any questions regarding the School Module please email us at