New WCAAP Oral Health Resources

Anupama Vijay, MD, FAAP
Oral health is an important and often overlooked aspect of pediatric health.  Because it is difficult to find the best way to incorporate oral health education into a busy clinic day, Drs. Charlotte Lewis and Anu Vijay have created a resource that can hopefully make that easier.

On you will find resources on common oral health topics including ankyloglossia, dental emergencies, dental caries and fluoride and fluoride varnish application.   There is a link to a webinar with Dr. Beth Harvey on how to successfully incorporate dental health education and fluoride varnish into a busy practice including information on the financial benefit to your practice.  The website includes case studies conditions that will come up often in your practice such as lip tie and open bite. There are also links to education materials and resources for providers and families in multiple languages.