Reminder/Recall Resources and Webinar

Tatiana Sarkhosh, MPH
Program Manager, WCAAP

As practices across Washington work to pull kids back into clinic, WCAAP and partners have led efforts to develop tools and resources to support reminder/recall campaigns. In addition to the Back to Clinic Campaign resources, the Department of Health produced a Vaccine Reminder/Recall webinar to address new school requirements and the impact of COVID-19 on vaccination rates. The presentation details immunization policy and documentation updates, the impact of COVID-19 on immunization rates, and evidence for vaccine reminder/recall. Dr. Annika Hofstetter discusses details for each step of reminder/recall, namely:

  1. Identify patients to target with reminder/recall
  2. Select reminder/recall type to use in your practice
  3. Develop reminder/recall content
  4. Send reminder/recall messages
  5. Track process and outcome measures

Lastly, the webinar includes a summary of the Washington State Immunization Information System’s (WA IIS) functionality to help practices prepare and track vaccine reminder/recall messages. By utilizing WA IIS, practices can generate patient lists, print letters and labels, send emails, create custom post cards, and generate auto dialer content. The system also helps clinics track the number of recall attempts and identify which patients received doses after a reminder/recall message was sent. For additional support with WA IIS functionality, please contact Chrystal Averette at