Save the Date: Advocacy for Children with Special Needs


The Division of Developmental Medicine, Seattle Children’s Hospital is sponsoring a virtual seminar, “Advocacy for Children with Special Needs: Honoring the Life Work of David and Cynthia Shurtleff”, to be held on 17 June 2023 from 0900 – 1530.

During this seminar, representatives from the Washington Chapter of the AAP, Within Reach, and Seattle Children’s Hospital will review the lasting impact of their life’s work.

There is no registration fee for this virtual conference (WebEx).

Over 60 years, David and Cynthia promoted, and often led, numerous efforts in support of Children and Youth Adults with Special Health Care Needs (CYASHCN) through their legislative advocacy, clinical care, and research work.

Thank you for joining us for this celebration of lives well spent and passion well directed on behalf of the children, young adults and families that are so important to all of us.


  1. John F McLaughlin says:

    Cynthia was an indefatigable advocate for children in many roles. She was the WCAAP lobbyist in Olympia for decades. David was at the forefront of coordinated data-based care for children with complex congenital anomalies such as spina bifida. David will attend the meeting. Cynthia passed away in 2022. The goals are to celebrate their successes and inspire others to be successful advocates for all children. Please join us on line!

  2. Sandra E Juul says:

    I would love to attend. Can you send the link information for the conference please?

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