WCAAP to Work with Schools on Chronic Condition Management

Ariana Salaiz
WCAAP Program Manager

We are pleased to announce that the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics has been awarded the AAP Chronic Condition Management in Schools Community Grant. Thank you to the WA-CHIP Champions for Youth Steering Committee for providing valuable input regarding the gaps in chronic condition management in schools.

With this funding opportunity, WCAAP, Edison School District, Skagit Pediatrics, and Skagit County Public Health will:

  • Reconvene quarterly coordination meetings that include school nurses, counselors, hospital system, pediatric clinicians, and Skagit County Public Health.
  • Conduct a brief and informal needs assessment to determine the most pressing care coordination efforts that can be addressed at these partnership meetings in Skagit County, including key informant interviews with parents, especially those with limited English proficiency.
  • Identify two resources that can be created, clarified, or rewritten to better manage chronic care in school settings for students. These may include informational material or education for parents.
  • Provide two trainings on diabetes and asthma for school nurses and other stakeholders to improve skills and care coordination in chronic care management.

WCAAP Program Manager Ariana Salaiz will lead this effort for the Chapter, and we look forward to learning from and collaborating with our partners on this grant.