Vroom Turns Everyday Moments into Brain-Building Opportunities

Ariana Salaiz
Program Manager, WCAAP

The constant challenge of balancing work and all of life’s responsibilities can often leave parents wondering if they are doing enough to equip their child for success. Vroom is a simple, online resource that shows parents easy ways to spark brain-building moments during routine, everyday moments that parents share with their kids.

Vroom provides easy, science-based strategies that not only gratify the parent, but more importantly foster brain-development and joy with the child. It meets parents where they are, through the people they already trust and the places they already go. I started using Vroom a month ago and came to realize I already do many of the tips Vroom shares, but now I am aware of when I am actively interacting with my two-year-old son!

A recent Vroom tip I tried with my son was “On The Go – Let’s Ride!” The tip is as follows:

“As you ride in a bus, train, or car with Sebastian, talk about the ride! You can say, “Here comes a bumpy road!” and talk about how it feels or sway back and forth as you say, “Here come the curves!” Talk about whether you’re going fast or slow and how that feels. Let him try to describe the ride. Taking turns is fun!”

We were in our car and I would point out the stop lights, the bumps on the road, and how fast or slow we were driving. After I was done describing our trip, I gave my son a turn to try and describe what he saw and felt. He kept repeating “rápido” which translates to “fast,” and when we came up to a stoplight he said “mira mami, la luz,” which means “look mom, the light!” I am glad I came upon this Vroom tip; it was fun for the both of us, and now he always tells me I am driving fast, but I promise it is always the speed limit!

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