WA-CHIP Demonstrates Improvement in Missed Vaccine Opportunities

Ariana Salaiz
Program Manager, WCAAP

WCAAP’s WA-CHIP (Washington Child Health Improvement Partnership) Adolescent Vaccination Learning Collaborative has seen great efforts put forth by our nine clinics from Spokane and King Counties participating in the second cohort. Between July and mid-October, each clinic reviewed charts to document missed vaccination opportunities for children ages 11 – 12. Through the chart reviews, we recognized a decrease in missed vaccination opportunities from baseline to the first month post-intervention at all nine clinics. We look forward to seeing this trend continue. Clinics also report how many patients they have successfully contacted through reminder/recall efforts who are eligible for a dose of Tdap, MCV, and/or HPV vaccines. Clinics successfully contacted 1,351 patients from July through mid-October.

We have had three cohort calls, where clinics were able to see their data, collaborate about their interventions, and explore communication strategies as a group. Since sharing Adolescent Vaccine Communication: A focus on HPV, a 20-minute webinar about communication strategies with parents about adolescent vaccinations, the webinar has been viewed a total of 61 times! In September, we provided an optional webinar (Planning and Implementing a Drive-Through Influenza Vaccine Clinic) on how to conduct parking lot vaccine clinics for flu vaccines and catch up vaccinations.

All nine clinics have implemented reminder/recall as their main intervention either using WA-IIS or their own medical health record system. You can learn about use of the WA-IIS for reminder recall in this hour-long webinar accessible to all our members. You can also find more WA-IIS resources on our website. Clinics also implemented additional interventions, including staff huddles, Saturday vaccine clinics, or delivering text messages, letters or postcards.

Challenges for clinics include the time necessary to “clean” data for meaningful reminder/recall efforts and finding the staff time necessary to fulfill reminder/recall mailings. Learnings for clinics include finding autodial phone calls are not impactful for some communities and finding it hard to deliver HPV vaccination due to misconceptions and antivax beliefs. To address this issue, one clinic has implemented handing out HPV information packets at check-in, which they have found useful.

Our third WA-CHIP cohort kicks off in March 2021. Contact Ariana Salaiz to learn more!