WCAAP 2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Please join us in welcoming the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics; new and returning board members. These individuals represent a diverse cross section of our state’s pediatric health care community and we are confident that they will serve you, our WCAAP members, and the children and families of Washington well.

Returning Trustees:
Frances Chalmers, MD, FAAP – Mt. Vernon – primary care
Kimberlee Hauff, MD, FAAP – Seattle – pediatric hospitalist
Kerry Harthcock, MD, FAAP – Yakima – pediatric hospitalist
Bradley Hood, MD, FAAP – Tacoma – developmental behavioral pediatrics

New Trustees:
Peter Asante, MD, FAAP – Yakima – pediatric hospitalist
Wei-Jen Hsieh, MD – Seattle – primary care, representing early career physicians

Treasurer: James Polo, MD, MBA, CPE, FACHE – Tacoma – child psychiatrist

Vice President: Elizabeth Meade, MD, FAAP – Seattle – pediatric hospitalist

President: Rupin Thakkar, MD, FAAP – Edmonds – primary care

We would also like to recognize our current hospital representatives, who play a crucial role in bridging primary and specialty care throughout the state.
Sonal Avasare, MD, FAAP – Swedish Pediatrics
Michael Barsotti, MD, FAAP – Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital
Sheryl Morelli, MD, FAAP – Seattle Children’s Hospital
Stephen Reville, MD, FAAP – Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital

Our board members welcome your questions and comments! You can always find their contact information on our website.