WCAAP Advocates Speak Up!

Thank you to all of the WCAAP members and friends who have testified in the first half of the legislative session! It is truly wonderful to see such a diversity of experience and perspective representing WCAAP, and your voices make a meaningful difference. If you are curious about testifying and what to know more about what’s involved, let us know!

Beth Ebel

Sasha Buz

Maria Huang

Mike Van Dyke

Anthony Bui

Nico Dimenstein

Mary Ann Woodruff

Molly Grow

Maddy Wozniak

Mike Barsotti

Krystle Perez

Marcus Baca

Resha Clark

Shaquita Bell

Alex Rhodes

Doreen Kiss

Lelach Rave

Dennis Pang

Danette Glassy

Becky Wiester

Nancy Danoff

Cora Breuner

Crystal Shen

Tumaini Coker