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WCAAP Offers Provider Well-Being Resources

Kimberlee Hauff, MD, FAAP
Secretary, WCAAP
WCAAP Membership & Engagement Committee

As a Pediatric Hospitalist working nights and weekends it can be hard to have a set daily schedule. Now, more than ever, I need to make a conscious effort to practice relaxation techniques and mindfulness. I’m currently working my way through a “30 days of mindfulness” practice. Am I doing it every day? No. Am I doing it every other day? No. Am I doing it in the middle of the night shift? Maybe. But, like most of you, I’m doing the best I can – and find it helpful every time I do.

To help pediatric providers like me – and like you – the WCAAP’s Membership and Engagement Committee has curated a web page of well-being resources. It’s not a lengthy, exhaustive list of everything on the internet; instead we have edited it to include only the most helpful and relevant resources we have used. (If you have suggestions of things to add, please send them our way!) It’s organized in a manner that can speak to a lot of us: how much time do you have? I encourage you all to at least glance at the list WCAAP has curated specifically for you.

In case you missed it, the well-being page also has short audio and video practices from our own amazing Dr. Joe Sherman. He has been a huge asset to the chapter in helping us slow down during this unprecedented time in our careers, and welcomes WCAAP members for individual coaching, consultations, and retreats:

Our thanks to Regence for supporting our development of this resource for our members.