WCAAP Oral Health Resources

Charlotte Lewis, MD, FAAP
WCAAP Oral Health Key Contact

Pediatricians are well suited to incorporate oral health into their practice because they see children regularly and particularly often during the first 3 years of life. Oral health anticipatory guidance fits nicely with pediatricians’ emphasis on prevention and early establishment of lifelong healthy habits. Drs. Charlotte Lewis and Anu Vijay have received a grant from the AAP to further education on oral health topics for AAP members. This educational material for providers and patients is available on WCAAP.org and we will continue to add information on common oral health problems and emergencies and providing oral health education and fluoride varnish in clinic – including how to maximize reimbursement. This grant provides preliminary funding for what we hope will be an ongoing process of increasing oral health awareness among primary care providers. We will be adding a webinar this month, so check back often: https://wcaap.org/physicians/oral-health/