Media Training for Pediatric Providers

AAP Communications staff teach pediatric health care providers how to speak comfortably with the media, prepare for interviews, and share important child health messages.

Behavioral Health

Webinars to improve pediatric health care providers’ skills to care for children with behavioral health concerns and to share resources for providers and families.

SAFES Informational Webinar

This online includes information about the Supporting Adolescents and Families Experiencing Suicidality (SAFES) program with Dr. Bob Hilt, Director of Partnership Access Line and Community Leadership at Seattle Children’s Hospital. […]

Motivational Interviewing in Primary Care: The Basics

This self-paced course provides an overview of motivational interviewing for the primary care provider with a focus on the spirit and principles of motivational interviewing, and examples of motivational interviewing strategies.

Early Childhood

Improve your skills to care for children and support families during their child’s earliest years.

Great MINDS: Universal Developmental Screening

Only 36% of Washington State children are screened for developmental delays. What can you as a provider do to make the screening and referral process even more integrated into your […]

Early Relational Health in the Primary Care Office Visit

Learn about resources that are available for parents and caregivers to engage with their young children in ways that enhance brain development. One of the resources shared in this course will be the Vroom app which provides science-based tips and tools to inspire families to turn shared, everyday moments into Brain Building Moments.

Equitable Care

Webinars to focus and challenge the work we do as pediatric providers, transforming it through a lens of anti-racism and equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Equitable Care Webinar: Environmental Justice

Join WCAAP’s Equitable Care Committee as we welcome Washington State Pediatricians for Climate Action. Speakers will present on how environmental factors on our changing planet can lead to disease and […]

Equitable Care: Closures of Pediatric Hospitals & Clinics

View the WCAAP Equitable Care Committee’s first webinar of 2023! Speakers Dr. Amanda Lee, Dr. CJ Koozer and Jerry Yang will discuss the implications of pediatric clinics and hospitals on […]

Reproductive Justice

Join WCAAP’s Equitable Care Committee for our last webinar of the year! We are excited to be joined by Dr. Aisha Mays, who will speak about reproductive justice and how […]

Safe, Reliable Care

Ensuring the families in your care can rely on safe, equitable and effective care.

Designing at the Edges:

Making a case for why representation matters in clinic and hospital spaces

Educating Providers in Equity & Racism

Learn about WCAAP’s Equitable Care Work Group, our toolkit for pediatric health care providers, and how you can work toward equity and anti-racism in your own practice.

Welcoming Afghan Newcomers: Health Care Considerations

As Washington State begins to welcome around 1600 newcomers from Afghanistan, we want our state’s pediatric health care workforce ready to provide the care these families will need. Join us […]

Injury Prevention

Webinars focused the foundations of safety and prevention, so that all children can grow up safe, healthy and thriving.

Role of the Physician in Firearm Injury Prevention

What can be done to keep kids safe from firearms? Learn from one of the country’s top experts about current firearm statistics, the effects of gun laws on suicide and […]

Oral Health

Education for providers to incorporate oral health education into their practices, including information on common dental conditions, oral health in the office and resources and referrals for providers and families.

Oral Health Care in the Pediatric Primary Care Office

Learn about providing oral health care to young children in the pediatric primary care office, including resource recommendations and billing considerations.

Dental Caries in Children

Pediatric dentist Travis Nelson, DDS, MSD, MPH talks about common oral health concerns in children, what pediatric primary care providers can do in clinic, and when children need to see […]

Oral Health Q&A

A conversation exploring common questions pediatric primary care providers have about children’s oral health.

Practice Support

Preventive Counseling Around Fentanyl Risks in Pediatrics

Join WCAAP members Dr Kym Ahrens, Dr Cora Breuner, and Dr Jasmin Zavala in a conversation surrounding fentanyl risks and encouraging reliable preventive counseling on said risks for adolescents, teens, […]

Caring for Russian & Ukrainian Families in Washington State

Goal of webinar: serve the needs of our Russian/ Ukrainian communities and build trust by offering a community space to get information and ask questions Eastern European, including Russian and […]


Vaccines are safe, effective, and a key component of pediatric preventive care. Learn strategies to communicate with families and to increase vaccination rates.

Nirsevimab Informational Webinar

The Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (WCAAP) and Washington Department of Health (WA DOH) share important information regarding the clinical and operational steps for ordering and administering […]

Reflections on Trust in Medicine

Join WCAAP and Dr. Douglas Diekema for a discussion about the importance of trust in medicine, the recent decline in trust in society and pediatric patient encounters, the role of […]

COVID-19 Vaccine: Talking About Safety

Drs. John Dunn and Maria Huang discuss strategies for primary care pediatric providers to talk with families about COVID-19 vaccines for kids ages 5-11 and answer questions about safety.

COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations: Ages 5-11

Hear from the Washington State Department of Health about COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans for children ages 5-11 and resources for providers. Passcode: +U#ys8ub

COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations: Talking About Safety

Families naturally have questions about the safety of COVID-19 Vaccines. This conversation with Drs. Kristi Rice and Doug Opel covers some of parents’ common safety concerns and how to address […]

WA-IIS System Administration

This 7-minute video covers the role of WA-IIS system administrators and strategies for security.

Introduction to WA-IIS

This 50-minute training from the Washington State Department of Health provides an overview of WA-IIS, including components, benefits, tools, and resources available to users.

You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention

Low HPV vaccination rates in the U.S. are leaving boys and girls vulnerable to devastating HPV cancers. This course provides information on HPV infection, related disease and cancers, vaccine recommendations, […]