Why Did I Make a Donation to the WCAAP?

Linda Quan, MD, FAAP

Editor’s note: GiveBIG today 5/8 to support the work of the WCAAP! 

Having been an AAP member for decades, I have watched it develop and dutifully paid my annual dues, small gifts to the national organization and gifts in the name of my precious, rare mentors. In the 90’s, for the first time the AAP began to address the business needs of the private practioner as running a private practice became challenging; this was a big change in approach for the AAP which I had approached Errol Alden after my few years in a rural practice.

I am thrilled that the organization has again reached a new developmental stage, that of ensuring that our core values are achieved by setting policy. This is a new challenge in this decade. I want to see the WCAAP harness its incredible standing and respect (a rare attribute these days) amongst the public and legislators.  We have an untapped power that needs to be leveraged to promote children’s health. Policy making is a team sport. Therefore I donated to the WA Chapter because I know many of the members who as residents were superb docs, have worked with many of them in administrative positions as well and have seen their energy and commitment, and now I see us organizing.

I once presented a project to a group of mixed specialties, and a surgeon announced, dumbfounded, you pediatricians really can work together and get things done that other groups cannot.  I believe in the causes, the WCAAP members involved, and in WA State’s incredible creative and collegial atmosphere that can grow not just children but the environment around them.  Yes, we play very well in the sandbox.  I want to help make this happen.